PREMIERE: Phil Berg – Oneiro

Secession, a Croatian vinyl imprint run by Volster, continues with its second in line Various Artist release. ‘V​​/​​A 2​​.​​0’ features seven cutting edge techno tracks from seven aspiring artists that should be on everyone’s watchlist: Jacobworld, Phil Berg, Bidoben, Oktobr, LKY, Nicolas Vogler and Kashpitzky.

“Youth, with swift feet, walks onward in the way
the land of joy lies all before his eyes.”

We are presenting the second track ‘Onerio’ from the German DJ and producer Phil Berg, who has published his original music under the labels Schimmer Records, Canticle Records and Autonome Records.

‘V​​/​​A 2​​.​​0’ will be available after the 2nd of April HERE.

Phil Berg [SC | IG | FB]

Secession [SC | BC | FB]