PREMIERE: 羅伯特 – Flutter

Robert Yang’s newest label, Piece of Work, is onto its second release from 羅伯特 (pinyin Luó bó tè) with an ‘Lexicon’ LP that is incredibly lush and well-timed for this season of pre-summer blooms.

‘Lexicon’ is a dazzling fantasia that’s easy to get lost in. Visually rendered, this sonic landscape might look fluorescent pink clouds riding the wind of a turquoise sky. ‘Lexicon’ is an ambitious LP that delivers on multiple fronts, from it’s complex synth mastery to its storytelling.

As always, Robert Yang AKA Bézier is a virtuoso of synth work — if there’s one thing that is characteristic of his sound, you might argue it’s that. This holds true for his latest endeavor 羅伯特 as well. Yet he takes this stylistic signature to a new level here; it’s more refined, more intentional, more layered. Though ‘Lexicon’ could be characterized as disco-tinged, synthpop-leaning techno, you might say there’s even an IDM or braindance influence here: it’s music for body and brain. The synth melodies 羅伯特 creates are finely tuned, often consisting of mathy, fast arpeggiation. The faster the melodies, the more hypnotized the ear becomes. And still, these tracks are as catchy as they are cerebral (not an easy balance to achieve). ‘Lexicon’ masters this: the rhythmic structures and maximalist vibe entices and intrigues both the feeling centers of the body and the mind’s curiosity.

We are presenting the second track ‘Flutter’, whose synth structure is as fast and light as a hummingbird wing.

It’s clear 羅伯特 is leading both with intention and intuition — finding that delicate balance. It’s a path Yang will undoubtedly keep walking as his already prolific musical career continues to unfold.

‘Lexicon’ EP will be available after the 21st of June HERE.

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