Klubikon Podcast 146 – Tonske

This is an exclusive mix for 146th Klubikon Podcast, a collection of some of the newest dance floor oriented tracks in Tonske’s arsenal. With a slight deviation from all time favourite labels and artists, this mix expands the artist’s investigation of musical creations, while still reflecting vision and perception of techno music by Slovenian DJ and producer Tonske. This is the music type you can expect seeing him playing live.

Within these 70 minutes you will hear latest works from Norbak, Ribe, Omnia Vox, ORBE, Dustin Zahn, RoogUnit, Jonas Kopp and others, while the mix concludes with Tonske’s own track ‘Obscure’ that is coming out by the end of this year on vinyl and digital on Cogo, a Slovenian label he is co-founder of. In that sense, 146th Klubikon Podcast also serves as an announcement of COGO002, a highly anticipated package of impactful techno tracks.

01. Divide – Visione [AWRY]
02. Norbak – Embodied Cognition [Axis Records]
03. Peryl – Neural Gesture [Semantica Records]
04. Deadwalkman – Acres Of Skin [Rave Code]
05. ASC – Monochrome [Granulart Recordings]
06. Ribe – Space Travel [Axis Records]
07. PEG – Perverse Act [Affekt Recordings]
08. Omnia Vox – 0808A [Rhod Records]
09. ORBE – Runo Movile [Orbe Records]
10. Samuli Kemppi – Studio Session #35 [Deep Space Helsinki]
11. Re-Axis – Form & Phase [Monocline Records]
12. Ribe – Antimatter [Axis Records]
13. Translate – Aspect Bias [Edit Select]
14. Dustin Zahn – Rising Tides [Blueprint Records]
15. Vertical Spectrum – BALN006 [Warm Up Recordings]
16. Chlär – Flawless Hunt [Front Left Records]
17. RoogUnit – Edge 1 [Mote Evolver]
18. Jonas Kopp – Refinement [Tremsix]
19. 30drop – Psychoxylema Despair [Axis Records]
20. Giri – Sample Collect [Axis Records]
21. Tonske – Obscure [Cogo]

Tonske [SC | FB]

Photo: Ksenija Mikor