PREMIERE: Cool Tiger – Alive

Cool Tiger presents ‘Synestopia’, his first full-length LP, to be released on his own imprint Junction Records.

This milestone collection of 11 tracks, ‘Synestopia’ LP, produced and elaborated during the past four years takes the listener on a journey through a myriad of dystopian settings and deep into psychedelic territory synthesized by an amalgam of polyrhythmic drum patterns and organic textures akin to tribal music but via the use of electronic timbres, tones and styles that fluctuate between techno, breakbeat, bass and beyond. Conceived through a process of creative interaction with synesthesia and refined during live performances since 2018, this anthology of Cool Tiger’s musical explorations aims to shift your perception of rhythm and create a subconscious connection with sound, a concept reflected by his influences in genres such as jazz, rock, indie and more. Nevertheless, ‘Synestopia’ maintains its appeal for a cavernous club dancefloor and massive sound systems throughout the whole record from the rugged breaks in ‘Mask 002’ to the hardcore bassdrums in ‘Supernova (Come To Mix)’.

The album provides a materialized snapshot of Cool Tiger’s artistic mind and dark but colourful sonic palette during this period as well as reinterpretations of his material in a following remix package with takes from JP Enfant, Nadia Stuiwigh, and more to be announced.

‘Synestopia’ promises to be a statement release from the French-born, Amsterdam-based producer, signalling an era in Cool Tiger’s creative output.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Alive’.

‘Synestopia’ LP will be available after the 10th of June HERE.