PREMIERE: Dense & Pika (feat. Melody’s Enemy) – From Nothing (Luciid Remix)

Originally released back in 2018, Dense & Pika‘s collaboration with Melody’s Enemy resurfaces with a bumper remix package on Kneaded Pains. ‘From Nothing’ gets injected with new life courtesy of Luciid, Shelley Johannson and Dubble D AKA Moodymanc.

Ireland’s Luciid lets rip with a thunderous version of ‘From Nothing’, and Canadian techno queen Shelley Johannson stamps her raw and minimal blueprint onto the single for a fresh 2022 take. Danny Ward AKA Dubble D turns in two refreshingly differing remixes. Donning his Moodymanc cap, ‘From Nothing’ is reworked into a delightfully percussive and twisted house stomper, whilst his Autotélica remix deploys a rough and ready breakbeat and warming pads for a hybrid Tenaglia/MAW vibe!

We are presenting the remix from Luciid.

‘From Nothing Remixes’ EP will be available after the 1st of July HERE.