Klubikon Podcast 155 – TIMEKUBE

We are presenting the 155th Klubikon Podcast mixed by the American techno artist TIMEKUBE.

Musically raised between Los Angeles, California and San Salvador, El Salvador Josh Fabian aka TIMEKUBE is a vital new name in the electronic underground. His sound is energetic, melodic, boomy and driving and reflects his love of old-school rave and drum machine textures. He has already had support from names like Spartaque, Ramon Tapia and Laurent Garnier.

“This mix embodies what I am all about. I love the fast, hypnotic side of techno but also love the groovy, ‘housey’ spectrum of today’s techno sound as well. My goal is to blend multiple sounds together in search of something that has never been done before. With that said, let this be a journey to all the listeners! It’s got pumping grooves throughout. Be sure to catch multiple original tracks throughout this one hour mix!” – TIMEKUBE

01. TIMEKUBE – Rebirth
02. Rog de Prisco – Drop It
04. YAB (IT) – Memo
05. Risa Taniguchi – So Far
06. TIMEKUBE – Electric Sky
07. TIMEKUBE – Insomnia
08. Timebandit – 909090
09. Drumcomplex – Way To
10. BEC – Pleasure Seeker
11. Luciid – 90s Paradise
12. Popof – Revival
13. Rudosa – Dominance
14. TIMEKUBE – El Salvador