PREMIERE: Téo Dréan – Arepas

Téo Dréan’s second release on Aquaregia Records, ‘Viandox’ EP, is another exploration of intelligent and emotional techno.

Originally from Marseille, Téo Dréan is a DJ and producer now based in Berlin. He runs the razor-sharp techno label Affûté and has previously released on Planet Rhythm as well as on this label. His sound is drawn from a classic techno blueprint but comes with his own futuristic style.

This most stylish of EPs opens up with ‘Viandox’, a hefty yet sleek techno cut with wall rattling kicks offset by hallucinatory synths that make for a heavenly mood. It’s devastatingly emotive as well as brilliantly driving. The Mills-ian styles continue on ‘Wiselka’ which has a more snapping groove and crisp hits over a taught, spangled bassline. It’s intense and transportive with plenty of majestic synth designs capturing your imagination.

There is both heaviness and darkness to ‘Tiramisu’ as it races down the rabbit hole. Cinematic and sci-fi motifs drift by and suspend you in deepest space. Closer ‘Arepas’ is a superbly supple and hypnotic techno roller laced with gorgeous ambient pads. The rubbery kick drums are smooth and frictionless and will make for pure techno escapism on any dance floor.

‘Viandox’ EP is timeless techno that oozes class from Téo Dréan.

We are presenting the fourth track ‘Arepas’.

‘Viandox’ EP will be available after the 15th of July HERE.