Klubikon Podcast 156 – Olan!

0x01 Records label boss Olan! has become known for techno cuts marked by their functionality, experimentalism, playfulness and hints of EBM, industrial, hardcore- and rave techno. In Zurich he’s a force to be reckoned with, being dubbed one of Mixmag’s “best live modular acts you can watch online”, alongside the likes of Surgeon, Karenn and Insole as well as garnering the support from scene heavyweights like VTSS, I Hate Models and Rebekah amongst others.

“A clubby compilation of my current favs. All with lots of energy and intricate sound design.”Olan!

01. Fred Asquith – Faster [unreleased]
02. Tobhias Guerrero – Law Of Segregation [PRX Records]
03. La Haine – Cobber [Rascals]
04. Olan! – Life Bubbles [0x01 Records]
05. Ebass – Night as Fluid [PRX Records]
06. Ctrls – Your Data [Micron Audio]
07. Undivulged – Super Grekk [Undivulgedg]
08. SOPHIE – BIPP (Taube Remix) [unreleased]
09. Paul Laurens – Karah [PRX Records]
10. Olan! – Deducing_Function [0x01 records]
11. Olan! – State Transition [0x01 records]
12.Clouds – AKW Stränge [RAW]
13. Mikrotakt – Ikigai (Ikari Remix) [PRX Records]
14. SOPHIE – Immaterial [PC Musicg]
15. ÅMRTÜM – Bulgur [Maison Close]
16. Taube – Phonostyle [Boyznoize Records]
17. Juicy Selekta – Welcome to London Bruv [Plan G]
18. Green Velvet & Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams (Taube Rework) [unreleased]
19. Justin Jay – Warp [10 pills mate]
20. AISHA – Makina Moves [Taapion]
21. Fred Asquith – Master Fuzzy Blaster [Sticky Ground]
22. Oton – Brain Notes [Kluster]
23. Usstärbe – Olan! [0x01 Records]

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