PREMIERE: Hush & Sleep – Metal Track

Started on a shared vision, Dutch duo Hush & Sleep is a combination of Tom Tonnard and Frankie Decicco. The Complex Maastricht residents are well-versed in top-rate Techno releases, with offerings on Ellora, Opium Trax, Overtime Recordings and many more, including UK-based imprint Moments In Time. Following a remarkable debut on the label as part of its ‘Moments Vol.1’ compilation, they return for their first full EP, ‘Gom Jabbar’, whilst enlisting creative input from Italian artist Amstra on remix duties.

Kicking the door open on the release, the title cut ‘Gom Jabbar’ is an intensely savage affair from the outset. Hammering kicks and industrial-tinged hat sequences rocket through the heart of the track’s pacy persona whilst it modulates through different beat structures and continues to crescendo through murky synth layers and riveting bass notes. The track’s standout rave-inspired breaks and climatic builds add yet another layer of intensity, making for a stunning Peak-time warehouse bomb.

‘Metal Track’ follows suit, keeping the tempo at a premium. The track’s title is immediately apparent as a grungy metal riff begins to seep through its core of breakneck drum work and piercing hat grooves. This leads into another largely atmospheric breakdown with hurrying urgency before striking back into the main groove, this time with hardcore-infused twist via a screeching guitar layer.

Amstra’s remix of ‘Metal Track’ brings a new dimension to an already standout piece of music. Its progressively building melodic centrepiece is enveloped within a robust shell of thumping kick drums, riveting percussive cadence, and warped vox fills. Another attention-stealing warehouse-style techno warhead is at play here, with a mind-bending array of different scenes and styles dotted throughout the hair-raising journey.

The release closes out on ‘Rise From The Ashes’, completing a quad of undeniably raucous industrial-laden weapons. Corrosive frequencies slice through a roaring lowend drive via the medium of layered hats and distorted FX as the track’s gripping synth lead continues to rear its head upwards throughout the darkness of an ominously addictive peak-time Hard Techno number.

We are presenting the second track, ‘Metal Track’.

‘Gom Jabbar’ EP will be available after the 21st of October HERE.