PREMIERE: Iván Smoka feat. Ruben Kielmannsegge – Silver Surfer

After years of exploring and investigating with different alter-egos, Iván Smoka is back on the block, joining forces with Ruben Kielmannsegge on a musical trip worth taking.

“Here at Pinorama we are big fans of science fiction, and we love this release because it is just perfect if you like space travel, time-warping and creatures from outer space. Listening to ‘Silver Surfer’ is like turning on an engine that will work forever with the energy of the stars. It dives deep and straight into the heart of distant suns, the beats hit like meteors and the whole atmosphere surrounds you like eternal orbits around your head, while the voice speaks from a different fold in space-time. It is music to transcend the physical body and practice the dance within.”Pinorama

Iván and Ruben know each other for a long time and have worked together many times with very interesting results, as Gatos Negros on Rotten City Records, for example. They are both explorers of song and sound, always trying to reach a little further than their previous musical journeys. Perhaps that’s why they make a perfect match.

We are presenting ‘Silver Surfer’.

‘Silver Surfer’ will be available via Pinorama after the 8th of December HERE.