PREMIERE: Smooth Operator – Satisfaction (Liebherr Remix)

PULZAR Recordings is presenting its first physical release, ‘Neukölln Satisfaction’ EP from Smooth Operator.

With ‘Neukölln Satisfaction’ EP the Berlin born and raised DJ and producer Smooth Operator declares his love to the Berlin district Neukölln. This area of Berlin is known for its multiculturalism and the unconventional and sometimes even crazy experiences you are able to make there because of that diversity.

‘Neukölln Satisfaction’ EP explores the genres of acid house, breakbeat, electro and techno. The two original mixes, ‘Neukölln’ and ‘Satisfaction’, and four remixes by highly talented artists, RVL CGN, RAPH, Acidfinky and Liebherr, form a soundtrack for walking the streets of Neukölln.

We are presenting Liebherr’s remix of the track ‘Satisfaction’.

‘Neukölln Satisfaction’ EP will be available after the 8ht of December HERE.