PREMIERE: Root Noise – Materia Orgánica

Spanish label Signal Rec is presenting its 38th release, ‘Materia Orgánica’ EP by Madrid-based DJ and producer Root Noise.

Root Noise has published his original music under Trau-ma, Airsound Records, Dissolved Mind, Combine Audio, Mødseries and Concepto Hipnótico, and he is the co-founder of MUTTED, ETHOS Alternative Club and Vesania Warehouse.

Root Noise’s debut EP on Signal Rec consists of four highly expressive tracks of audacious techno, ‘Murder Mystery’, title track ‘Materia Orgánica’, ‘Bakuph’ and ‘Mutante’.

“Barriers dispelled, distances dissolved, freedom empowered. Through gesture, movement reconnects intuition into sonic exploration.” – Signal Rec

We are presenting the title track, ‘Materia Orgánica’.

‘Materia Orgánica’ EP will be available after the 20th of January HERE.