PREMIERE: Stephen Disario – Lights Down Under

Stephen Disario delivers four-tracks ‘Lights Down Under’ EP as the debut release on his newly-launched imprint Conundrum Records, and in so doing sets the tone for the output we can expect in years to come: driving basslines and infectious percussion crafted with meticulous perfection.

Throughout the four tracks of ‘Lights Down Under’ EP, Stephen Disario showcases what he does so well as a producer: groovy, funky techno that will always find its home in a proper underground techno setting.

The EP starts off with ‘Under The Rug’, an hypnotic masterpiece that sucks listeners in and takes them deeper and deeper as the track’s intensity builds and reaches its peak.

‘Walking Through Trees’ is next, picking up the tempo with an added groove carrying the track throughout… a real dance floor mover.

The pace continues with ‘The Marathon’, a percussion-driven stomper characterized by well-crafted peaks and valleys permeated by distorted eerie vocals.

We are presenting the closing track ‘Lights Down Under’, which showcases Stephen Disario’s other signature techno soundscape. Here he takes the funk route, using an 808 clap and eerie howl broken by hard to discern and yet catchy vocals to great results.

‘Lights Down Under’ EP will be available after the 17th of March HERE.