Pfirter’s MindTrip is proud to reintroduce PTTRNRCRRNT.

After the fantastic ‘Acta Non Verba’ EP on MindTrip in 2020 as PTTRN, which is a project together with his former partner in crime Robbert Dedoncker, and acclaimed releases on Token, Float and SRIE, Dave Brody continues his solo journey as PTTRNRCRRNT ‘Within The Nights Shade’ EP.

Consisting of four ‘Shades’, ‘Within The Nights Shade’ EP is a sonic excursion that showcases Dave’s production and engineering skills, a chameleon-like sound that is always refined. Expect focused beats, hypnotic grooves, gritty textures and subtle tension with a fantastic translation on top-notch sound systems.

We are presenting ‘Shade 4’.

‘Within The Nights Shade’ EP will be available after the 23th of March HERE.