Following the release of the ‘POSITION’ mixtape at the beginning of the year, here is PANGAR’s first album ‘POSITION’. The duo looks at the world from Reunion Island and from imaginary otherworlds, uncharted islands burning through creole sounds and polyrhythms.

“PANGAR” is derived from the Réunion Island Creole “Prends Garde”, meaning “watch out!” or “attention!” — and that’s not a question, it’s an imperative. The music of Kwalud and Betnwaar is not just a melting pot but rather an explosive cocktail of ideas, influences, rhythms and sounds. There is an almost extreme energy bubbling at the core of their music as they whip and snap in an ongoing dance of tension and release.

Over 15 years after relocating to La Réunion and taking in as well as becoming part of the islands fascinating mix of cultures, the pair produces a percussive blend of electronic music with a creole super engine fuelled by a unique spin on Reunion Island’s musical heritage. In a constant clash of influences, they travel imaginary otherworlds, burning through urban sounds from both hemispheres.

In the very DNA of Creole cultures, everything is inextricably linked: like electric shocks travelling through a brain, new connections and combinations are made every millisecond. Drawing influence from maloya, soca, reggaeton, dancehall, indian percussion, bass music as well as societal and cultural themes both on La Réunion as well as the world, PANGAR create something truly unique and captivating.

Rhythms collide, mutate and interweave in the shadows of a mysterious, uncharted island, and we never know whether they’re kissing or fighting.

‘POSITION’ album consists of 10 tracks, ‘A$ᶖL3$’, ‘Kann Klub Ultra’, ‘lucy#97424’, ‘BaddCenturion’, ‘ANTICO’, ‘AIITM Units’, ‘Ragnap Barak’ ft. Corine Thuy-Thy, ‘(cHAo$ MonDe)’ and ‘Y.L.U.T.F.’.

We are presenting ‘Y.L.U.T.F.’.

‘POSITION’ album will be available after the 5th of May HERE.