PREMIERE: DJ Burrito Boy – RAVEBOT 3000 (Guchon Remix)

DJ Burrito Boy delivers four warehouse-ready house tracks, with Sabacan Records’ Guchon on the remix.

“The thematic inspiration comes from the feeling that we are living at a crossroads in history. In the 90s, rave music was defined by an ecstatic and hopeful embrace of futurism. Decades later, we’ve had dizzying technological advances, but discovered new miseries that they’ve wrought on us.” – DJ Burrito Boy

‘Doomsday!’ opens up the EP with cascading rave stabs atop tight 909 drums, chopped up vocals murmuring in the background, creating a euphoric feel harkening back to warehouse party days. ‘Eyes In The Sky’ slowly descends into a flurry of dancefloor mania through whirling breakbeats and bouncing organ bass, before ‘Hot Pink Stinger Missile’ comes in hot with tough drums, serpentine acid and distorted dubbed-out hits. ‘RAVEBOT 3000’ is up next, a house track with a distinct futuristic edge, its quirky vocal samples and infectious bassline also get a remix from Japan’s Guchon with the Sabacan Records boss turning the track into a peak-time driver, rounding off a floor-filling offering with flair.

NYC label Fortune Signal was formed in 2022, building a catalogue of genre-agnostic but dance floor ready music via their roster consisting of artists and remixers like Akumen, D.D. Curry, Haruka Salt, Kyle Louis, and Panooc. Their eyes are now firmly set on the future, with this release from LA-based DJ, producer and TikTok sensation DJ Burrito Boy kickstarting their year.

We are presenting the remix from Guchon.

‘Doomsday Ravebot’ EP will be available after the 19th of May HERE.