PREMIERE: Filterwolf – Dubrovnik

With his sixth album ‘Amor Fati’, German producer Filterwolf also known as Adnan Durić-Steinmann enters new territory and produces a manifesto of artistic sovereignty at the same time.

‘Amor Fati’ album proves not only how much Filterwolf has mastered his chosen art form, but also his ability to transform house and techno into something original and individual. It is about the sonic interpretation of personal challenges and of ones own development, hence the apt Latin philosophical formulation as the title of the new work. In doing so, he succeeds like hardly any other contemporary producer in reinventing himself sonically without losing the high recognition value. Refined, elegant, finely chiseled anthems with cascading grooves, warm synths and a serene mood – total dedication and resulting fulminant work.

We are presenting the opening track, ‘Dubrovnik’.

‘Amor Fati’ album is available HERE.