PREMIERE: Laikka – Distort My Mind

Magical, mysterious and fascinating are just some of the terms that come up when talking about Laikka. Founded at the beginning of 2020, Laikka deal intensively with the major themes and trends of our time, both musically and in terms of content. A deep, melancholic look inwards, strong emotions, the feeling of loneliness, diffuse fears or even challenges in the digital age are often juxtaposed with their own big dreams.

An electronic pop duo with one leg also deeply rooted in the VR and digital art world, who place equal value on visual aesthetics and their musical productions. With an exciting mix of experimental soundscapes, dreamy vocals and driving electronic beats, Laikka are rapidly pushing into the international spotlight. Rather loosely and coincidentally, the band’s name is reminiscent of the first creature to write space history – and yet somehow it is also programmatic.

After the singles ‘The Answer’ and ‘The Glow’, which were played on numerous European radio stations, and highly artistic music videos, Laikka presented their album debut ‘Morning Glow’ in 2021, a much-acclaimed electronic pop gem. As with Laikka’s previous works, the album’s content is about breaking out of rigid, pre-fixed structures and diving into one’s own vulnerability. Compelling and fascinating how the duo thereby mixes dreamy pop, experimental electronics and dark techno into a unity.

To also indulge their love of contemporary club culture and provocative fashion design, Laikka released an energetic techno EP ‘Red’ in 2022 and made a name for themselves as a fascinating and explosive live act and DJ duo.

The year 2023 promises the next big step on the way to an absolute breakthrough for the duo. Laikka’s second album Bleach will be released on 2 June. The new album will be more raw, direct and energetic than their previous releases and is one of Laikka’s most personal works to date.

“We wrote ‘Bleach’ throughout the year, 2022. A year full of new experiences and changes in our personal lives while the world often felt quite dark and hopeless. Each song on the album picks up on experiences we made in this year, from post-covid euphoria and night life to loneliness and the lingering fear of the apocalypse caused by war and the climate crisis. Stylistically, we opened up for a lot of new influences, trying to free ourselves of the concept of genre and re-imagining pop music in a way that allows for a more direct form of self-expression. The order of the songs on bleach tells a story: starting with isolation, self-pity and longing, going through optimism, love and excess and coming back to darkness, unrest and incompleteness.” – Laikka

We are presenting the fourth track ‘Distort My Mind’.

‘Bleach’ album will be available via Fabrique Records after the 2nd of June HERE.