PREMIERE: DJ Pasta – Barecocul

DJ Pasta serves up four red-hot house originals on toucan sounds, alongside a Sam Ruffillo remix.

For the superb first track ‘Cadacara’ DJ Pasta collaborates with vocalist Foresta, cooking up lithe deep house with jazzy chords and golden pads over shuffling broken beats. It’s a vibrant cut, with a soulful vocal adding the vital finishing touches. ‘Barecocul’ is another live-sounding groove with elastic bass and loose rhythm layered up with rich percussion and playful hooks that are perfect for open-air dancing.

The excellent ‘Pasticciotto’ keeps the feel-good vibes alive with tropical xylophone-like sounds, sun-kissed synth leads and bristling beats. It’s organic, hip-swinging house before ‘Puddy’ is a little more stripped back and direct. The warm beats and smooth grooves are overlaid with more cosmic chords and star-gazing keys. Last of all, Toy Tonics team member Sam Ruffillo brings classy party-starting disco-house vibes to his remix of ‘Caracara’ with its big string stabs and pumping drums.

Italian beatmaker, producer and occasional singer DJ Pasta aka Davide Piva made his mark as indie pop royalty as part of the Amari and Fare Soldi projects but is now making moves on his own. He has a broad array of influences and always serves up charismatic sounds on the likes of Record Record, the Basement Disco and most often innovative New York imprint, toucan sounds.

‘Batadoris Tree’ is a heartwarming EP of richly designed and expertly arranged sounds all primed and ready for the hotter months.

We are presenting the second track ‘Barecocul’.

‘Batadoris Tree’ EP will be available after the 2nd of June HERE.