PREMIERE: Rosa – You Understand

Accomplished house and techno producer Rosa unveils his debut album ‘Tell Them Again’ on Deep Tech Records.

Denver-based Michael Rosa is well known by those with an ear to the ground. He heads up his own Early Morning Music and Strange People labels while his cultured yet club-ready sounds have also come on labels such as Desert Hearts Records, Yoruba Records and Superfreq. He now returns to Adis Hotic aka Duky’s Deep Tech Records, a go-to outlet for quality electronic music. ‘Tell Them Again’ sees the artist serving up his most accomplished musical statement to date, defined by a signature sense of energy and trippy designs, roaming between afterparty deepness, supple techno, mind-bending minimal and beyond.

The 15-track album kicks off with the deep swinging opening cut ‘Abduction’ then ‘Bees & Flys’ offers late-night tech funk with synths bringing curious alien details. ‘Getting What I Want’ is brilliantly elastic and bubbly minimal house for 5 am dancing, ‘Swerved 8’ melts your brain with its rolling dub undercurrents and more tripped-out melodic colours and ‘Tell Them Again’ layers up snatched vocals, silky drums and cosmic pads. ‘Buggin’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Freak Ish Behaviour’ carry on the late-night feels with molten synth designs.

Highlights keep coming with the airy hi hats and jumbled toms of ‘Mathematics’ and unhinged synths of rolling tech cut ‘Oh Buh’, while ‘The Bounce’ has brilliantly curious leads over the irresistibly smooth drums. The closing cuts keep the journey moving through the liquid drums of ‘Well So What’, punchy and bumping kicks of ‘Ztu Sabe’ and the humid jungle tribalism of ‘Neck Problems’ before ‘You Understand’ has a Moodymann monologue over yet more seductive drums and rolling bass, completing a sophisticated piece of work that proves Rosa to be a core part of the contemporary landscape.

We are presenting the 15th track ‘You Understand’.

‘Tell Them Again’ LP will be available after the 9th of June HERE.