PREMIERE: Seddig – Transminus

Germany’s Seddig is the next recruit to join the Mind Medizin with his ‘From the Skewers’ EP featuring a remix from Michael Klein.

Seddig grew up in a drum & bass heartland but soon got turned onto house and techno. Since then he’s workes as a studio engineer, lived in Hamburg and moved to Berlin, picking up fresh influences along the way. He infuses his work with rich sound designs and field recordings and now has a signature sound that is dark, melancholic and hard to define. It has come on labels like Clap Your Hands and Mo’s Ferry and now Lady Tazz‘s kinky Mind Medizin.

The mighty ‘Skewer’ is block-rocking techno with supersized kick drums making for a wall of dynamic sound. Percussion peels off the groove as the bass envelops everything from deep below and leaves only destruction in its wake.

Next up, ‘Transminus’ is rhythmically complex techno with many layers of drums and bass interweaving to powerful effect. Blasts of noise from a sweaty factory floor and distant sirens add drama amongst muffled vocal sounds as this all-consuming groove charges onwards.

Frankfurt’s Michael Klein is the BLK DRP label head and We Are The Brave associate who brings his trademark dark and groovy basslines to his remix. It’s a paranoid and unrelenting psychological thriller with edgy stabs and an ever-present sense of tension that is heightened by the loopy synth drama.

This is another standout mix of powerful and evocative techno from the vital Mind Medizin.

We are presenting the second track ‘Transminus’.

‘From The Skewers’ EP will be available after the 9th of June HERE.