Next up on BPitch‘s sub label UFO Inc. is a hyperactive package of sonic oddities from Berlin-based producer Alex Wilcox.

Having arrived in Berlin by way of Dallas, Texas, Alex previously released a string of acclaimed EPs before being invited by Ellen Allien to play her infamous We Are Not Alone party. Since then he has steadily built a name for his truly eccentric production style and turbulent DJ sets.

Eerie at times, euphoric at others, and consistently unhinged, Alex Wilcox’s music draws upon a depth of production expertise gained over a number of years working closely with sound in various capacities throughout the music industry. This has afforded him a learned affinity for the minutiae of production that grants him total control of his craft. His influences are broad and his technical skills vast, and as such, his music sits in a unique aesthetic sphere.

EP opener ‘Marzahn’ dives straight into the middle of the storm with a driving swirl of distortions ready to burst out the monitors, before ‘HELP ME’, a skyward dose of bubbling glitches and tweaky effects.

Based over a pulsating kick drum and jittery hi-hats, Alex takes an uncanny vocal sample as the lead, flipping and mutating it into a state of pure delirium. In a similarly peculiar stroke, ‘123’ creates a rhythmic pattern of sliced vocals that loop until their meaning is abstracted. Closing out the proceedings is the appropriately titled ‘OOOOOOO, AAAAAAA’ that veers into the beyond of strange territories.

123 is an ascending spiral into the weirder corners of electronic music by a producer who is unafraid to let the wheels come off. Deranged, delirious, and surreal, it’s an essential package of eccentric techno. There are structural touches of minimalism, but put together with a tapestry of sounds so bizarre that genre categorisations seem redundant. In short, it’s a true headfuck.

We are presenting the fourth track ‘OOOOOOO, AAAAAAA’.

‘123’ EP will be available after the 16th of June HERE.