PREMIERE: Maxlow – Shooting For Saturn feat. Motor City Strings

Infolines deliver Detroit techno compilation featuring members Bendersnatch, Acid Jerks, Maxlow and Remove Viewing Party.

Infolines is a mostly anonymous collective of Producers, DJs and friends based out of Detroit, with a label focus on compilations showcasing the involved artist’s unique styles. Kicking off the fifth instalment of the label’s VA release series is Bendersnatch’s ‘Road Map’. The mysterious artist provides a club-friendly techno tool in which pleasant bleeps transmit themselves over an anchored kickdrum. This is before label co-founders Mike Petrack and Aran Daniel AKA Remote Viewing Party’s ‘Sophistry’ comes in with house-infused guitar riffs, its dreamy melodies soothing the track’s crunchy drums.

The releases then sees Maxlow team up with Detroit-based string artist Motor City Strings, taking you on a scenic journey through space and time, marrying the machine thrum of techno with violin and cello strings. Lastly, Nu Groove, Music For Freaks and Local Talk veterans Acid Jerks make their debut on Infolines with an homage to the early days of Detroit electro jams, boasting lush chords and intergalactic arpeggios while a snappy snare drives the track to distant worlds.

We are presenting Maxlow’s ‘Shooting For Saturn’ featuring Motor City Strings.

‘CAID’ VA will be available after the 30th of June HERE.