PREMIERE: _asstnt & Roll Dann – Green Rhythms

Two years after the release of the acclaimed ‘Emergency Break’ EP, the Spanish duo _asstnt & Roll Dann return to Pfirter’s MindTrip with their second studio collaboration, ‘Old Gem’ EP.

‘Old Gem’ EP is a vinyl release consisting of six techno tracks, ‘Old Gem’, ‘Emergency Area’, ‘Green Rhythms’, ‘Edipo’, ‘Monogroove’ and ‘Handsaw’, and showcasing _asstnt & Roll Dann’s emerging talent and signature sound; powerful basslines and driving synths keep the pace high, perfectly distorted stabs create the rhythm, and haunting pads combined with sharp percussive elements generate the needed tension for a dark atmosphere. Meanwhile, a constant, steady groove remains pushing forward throughout the whole record.

We are presenting the second track, ‘Green Rhythms’.

‘Old Gem’ EP will be available after the 7th of July HERE.