PREMIERE: Åre:gone – Latin Lover

Mind Medizin expands its kinky techno universe once more by welcoming Cuban electronic mainstay Åre:gone for a new release that comes with remixes from Dustin Zahn.

Now based in Tampa, Florida, having escaped the repressive Cuban government to find creative freedom, Jorge Cebrián aka Åre:gone is one of the country’s artists innovating in the techno scene. The Havana-born DJ and producer is co-founder of Vórtice_cuba, a resident of the Paralisistechno party and back in 2017 founded Rusty Nails, a space to promote underground techno to the local Cuban community. He has a high-octane techno sound that is stripped back but rich in detail thanks to his fresh synth craft and flair for percussion, as demonstrated over a fine series of EPs since 2018 on the likes of Anaøh, and Abstraction.

Up first is the epic ‘Latin Lover’, a powerful rhythm with layers of elastic bass and twisted synths all racing along at a compelling pace while spoken world Spanish vocals bring extra spice up top. It’s dark and seductive and a perfect fit for this label. ‘Forgive And Let Go’ is another full and fresh techno sound with rubbery drum funk hurrying you along as sensuous vocals and sonar pulses loop up top to work both mind and body.

Berlin-based American remixer Dustin Zhan is co-founder of Abiotic Recordings and founder of Enemy Records. He has been turning out his own blend of techno for 20 years, often with signature drum funk at its core. His brilliant take on ‘Forgive And Let Go’ is fast and slick, a race into the future with flashes of synth lighting the way as the energy ramps up and the vocals add extra intensity. His Instrumental Remix is more stripped back and direct for the peak time in any set.

This is another superb techno EP that is designed to release dance floors from all their inhibitions.

We are presenting the title track ‘Latin Lover’.

‘Latin Lover’ EP will be available after the 30th of June HERE.