PREMIERE: Riigs – Four Echoes

Londam label is excited to launch a new series ‘Partygate’ to showcase our party nature!

Riigs kicks things off with two ideal warm up tunes, Skenna will follow this up with an electro workout before Olympic Pool Maintenance League brings the nighttime drive.

‘Partygate Vol.1’ EP, opens with ‘Four Echoes’ which starts things with a percussive groove, layers of vocal chops and synth bleeps for maximum fun. As the track builds up a melodic lead drives it to a heady conclusion. Second track ‘VSOP’ brings an infectious synth melody intertwining with chopped vocals and a driving beat.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Four Echoes’.

‘Partygate Vol.1’ EP will be available after the 28th of July HERE.