PREMIERE: Mike Buhl – Entrance

Eddie Hale‘s Denude welcomes enigmatic Melbourne techno mainstay and Revolver Upstairs resident Mike Buhl for the label’s fourth release. The five track EP ‘Modern Explorer’ showcases a well-rounded selection of Mike’s latest works, proving his artistic worth – deep, timeless pieces that maintain a versatile dancefloor-leaning approach.

A fittingly titled ‘Entrance’ opens with a moody rhythmic baseline and unveils a kinetic energy as it roams paths dimly lit by pads and ghostly percussion.

‘Figure One’ locks in a faster pace with a driving kick and quickening hats, directed by a distant modulating synthetic siren that interweaves with dubbed-out chord phrases.

Rounding out the A side, ‘Forever’ brings us back down into the warmth of deep chords and introspection, accompanied by a two-step pattern with the kick and liquid base combination.

On the B side, ‘Barometer’ introduces a restrained broken beat approach with circular rhythms and intriguing sound design. Seasoned with trippy granular effects and the sure-footedness to keep the mood cool and in the groove.

Closing out the record is a masterful remix from Berghain resident and Ostgut Ton regular Tobias., taking ‘Barometer’ into darker and heavier territory. Subliminal, whispering voices, fluttering pads and dramatic themes usher the listener into an other-worldly experience.

‘Modern Explorer’ EP offers a diverse range of tasteful cuts that are sure to please the mind and body, no matter the time or place.

We are presenting ‘Entrance’.

‘Modern Explorer’ EP will be available after the 4th of August HERE.