Julian Wassermann debuts on Truesoul and shares his most powerful career lesson

Julian Wassermann is a Munich-based DJ and producer who has been crafting unique productions for over a decade that go well beyond the static genre categories of deep techno and melodic house. In the studio Wassermann is like a painter with a canvas, imbuing his compositions with a fine level of detail and individuality that makes them stand the test of time. Following releases on Kompakt’s Speicher series, Stil Vor Talent and Watergate Records, he steps up for his debut on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul with an outstanding three-tracker ‘Encoder’ available HERE.

What’s been the most powerful lesson you’ve learned during your musical career?

After every rejection of a demo and disappointing event, turn the negative mood into even more motivation. Never give up and work even harder.

What is one inspiring musical reference point you keep coming back to as a producer?

I always get new inspiration and try to look at each new track individually. Of course, one is also influenced by current trends and other acts.

How’s the Munich scene going since Harry Klein shut down?

It is a great pity that one can observe the steady death of clubs. With the closure of Harry Klein, we have lost an institution of techno in Germany. Hopefully the trend will go in a different direction again.

Do you consider DJing an art form?

Absolutely! It’s a real art, especially playing the opening / warm up sets and introducing the event in a targeted way. Many DJs can play a peak slot, only a few have the gift to read an audience correctly.

Can you share a photo of your studio and tell us about your favourite bit of kit and why it’s important to you.

Sure! I am currently remodelling the studio. So I have to share an older photo with you. New additions are a rack with analogue units like the Tegeler Créme, SPL Tube Vitalizer and API 5500 and a new Hydrasynth.

I’m especially happy with my monitoring from PSI.

The industry has a love/hate relationship with Spotify. Where do you sit?

As a consumer, I can see the benefits and of course I use it myself. What is a bit of a shame is that the market is flooded with far too much music. The listener’s attention span is also no longer long and many are overwhelmed. You can listen to everything unfiltered at any time through streaming and so the love and passion is lost a little. In the past, you still had to buy an album and consumed so much more music from it and also learned to appreciate it.

Anything you’d like to share about your new Truesoul release ‘Encoder’ or connection with Adam Beyer via the label? Has Truesoul long been on your label target list?

It was a long journey. I’ve been a fan of Truesoul and Adam Beyer for a long time. At some point I saw that Adam was playing my music and so I wrote to him on Insta and the first contact was made. After many demos, it finally worked out with ‘Encoder’. It went very quickly from the first listen to the release date. I’m very grateful to Adam.

What are you looking forward to next?


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