PREMIERE: Dynamic Forces – Mistress

MindTrip presents the seventh instalment in the ‘Mutable Minds’ series. Designed to introduce new artists to MindTrip’s ever-growing circle of artists, ‘Mutable Minds VII’ VA brings fresh music from Montenegrin DJ and producer Vakat, Italian artists P4PS and Dynamic Forces, as well as France’s Ket Robinson.

Through these four tracks, ‘Half Measures’, ‘Coesione’, ‘Mistress’ and ‘Noctambule’, each artist provides glimpses of their styles and capabilities, all coming together in a fusion between the classic and the modern. Between hypnosis and attention to the dance floor. This is MindTrip!

We are presenting Dynamic Forces’ ‘Mistress’.

‘Mutable Minds VII’ VA will be available after the 25th of August HERE.