PREMIERE: Boston 168 – Sirio03

Next up on Ellen Allien’s BPitch is a four-track package of unfiltered techno and impeccable sound design by Turin-based duo Boston 168. Expanding on the sonic palette they’ve explored across three previous EPs on BPitch, as well as a 2019 appearance on the hotly tipped sub label UFO Inc, the duo head for cavernous industrial spaces and vivid psychedelic trips with ‘Gigantia’.

Having begun their musical explorations independently, old friends Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca began making music together in 2014, birthing what would then become their highly acclaimed moniker of Boston 168, which is a nod to the address of their first ever studio. Building a name for themselves from an expansive strain of techno with vast spatialities, the duo’s organic approach to production has guided their musical output ever since. With a penchant for improvisation and a beloved collection of well-used hardware, their sound has carried them through an illustrious career to date, including the running of their own imprint.

‘Gigantia’ sees the duo drawing upon the industrial roots of their hometown, merging a range of influences with a distinctly melodic take on acid techno. With a strong affinity for carving sonic spaces, the four-track package is a masterclass in production, with each track exercising careful restraint in its acoustic arrangement. The result is a precisely orchestrated dose of unrelenting dancefloor power, and an authentic nod to the underground spirit that inspired it.

EP opener ‘Hit by the Star’ heads straight to the main floor with a peak time burner of cavernous kick drums, tripped out acid swirls and haunting melodic leads. Following closely behind is ‘Sirio03’, a double dose of psychedelic sonics. In a more melancholic turn, ‘Before Us’ blends emotive melodies with traces of breakbeat to arrive at a moment of dancefloor catharsis. Rounding out the EP is title track ‘Gigantia’, an expansive cut of raw techno for the main room.

We are presenting the second track ‘Sirio03’.

‘Gigantia’ EP will be available after the 1st of September HERE.