PREMIERE: Vinny Villbass – Saraholmen

Vinny Villbass is presenting his sublime new album ‘Windows’.

Vinny Villbass hails from Oslo and is a sonic guru and master musician with decades of experience in the house scene. He’s a vinyl junkie, guitar, and synth player who, next to solo work on his own label Badabing Diskos, has released on Eskimo, Beatservice and Trunkfunk, in addition to curating Pantha Du Prince’s ‘The Bell Laboratory’ project. He is one of the most pivotal figures in his native scene of Oslo, having previously lived – and made his mark – in Berlin and New York.

Vinny doesn’t rely on sequencers, so every bit of this new album is played by hand on synths, guitars, drum pads, samplers or percussion. In this case, we see a playful mix of different genres under the broad house umbrella, making this a record for dancing and driving, deep thinking and dreaming. He says of its title, “Windows give us glimpses of future possibilities, framed by memory and imagination. Through the perpetual windows of technology we also see the parallel world of digital content. My music represents the views from my own windows. What do you see through yours?.”

‘Ski Station’ opens up with jangling guitar riffs and pumping nu-disco beats full of life and charm before tender chord work enriches the airwaves. ‘Frau Hoffmanns Zimmer’ is an increasingly unhinged cosmic trip with pulsing synths and full-blooded house drums, a foundation for squelchy lines, swirling pads and bristling live percussion. ‘Lerwick Open’ is another fulsome arrangement that brims with vitality as Vinny plays everything from the serene chords to the Balearic guitar riffs and techno-disco drums.

‘Go To Stay’ ft. Khan is an eight-minute dub, house and disco fusion with retro-future synth motifs shining bright next to vocal dubs and smeared pads that extend to the heavens. There is real funk in the house bones of ‘Greenpoint’, which dances about effortlessly as an ecosphere of synths and melodies light up the airwaves. ‘Orient Espresso’ features Vinny’s brother Anders on flute and is a warm and inviting world of dynamic synth work, clever effects and dance floor fun. ‘Taksi Helsinki’ is an introverted trip to the stars on shimmering melodies, and ‘Saraholmen’ ends on a heavenly note with well-treated vocals panning about the mix and bringing celestial vibes to another irresistible Vinny rhythm.

This exceptional album will be followed by an instrumental live show that reanimates the entire record in full this Autumn, while badabing is also to host a mini festival in Lisbon in September. ‘Windows’, meanwhile, is the latest essential chapter in Vinny’s captivating house story.

We are presenting the eight track ‘Saraholmen’.

‘Windows’ LP will be available after the 29th of September via badabing diskos HERE.