PREMIERE: Panooc – Make It Real

Panooc returns to Fortune Signal with three acid house cuts alongside a remix by Mark Mackenzie.

The title track, ‘Make It Real’, opens Panooc’s EP of the same name on NYC’s Fortune Signal label. It’s a classy house number shot through with quirky synthlines and drizzles of trippy acid before it is remixed at the end of the release by Kouncil Cuts and the South Coast’s Concrete Music artist Mark Mackenzie. His version amps up the acid, gated vocals gliding above its steady beat, culminating into a breakbeat rinse-out while ethereal pads swirl around.

‘Same Origin’ comes in second with unmatched vigour. A hefty bassline underpins its driving groove, while crisp percussion and vibrant piano keys alternate throughout. It’s a high-energy dancefloor cut setting the tone for the rest of the release perfectly, an EP marrying their influences of house, breaks and leftfield with a playful fun-soaked flair. Up next, ‘Exits’ continues with arpeggiating, techno-leaning synths, looming key stabs offset by a bouncy, robotic vocal, before closing on Mark Mackenzie’s stellar reinterpretation of the opener.

“‘Make It Real’ is a celebration of past and future, with the nostalgia and familiarity of classic House elements interlocked with notes of a new queer energy and identity; ‘Same Origin’ is tapping into my bass-y rave side and love of throwback dance tracks; ‘Exits’ was a complete let-go approach when writing this track, wanting to express surreality and a dream, with pulsing hums heart-beating in the lows and parallel chords streaming high above.” – Panooc

Co-founder of Brooklyn-based queer party collective XOXA, Panooc has made their mark on the local New York scene. They now drop their most assured and cohesive effort to date with the ‘Make It Real’ EP, following up their debut 2021 release on Sorry Records, as well as a previous stint on Fortune Signal in collaboration with label co-founder D.D. Curry. Their infectious take on house music has won them the support of artists such as Logic1000, I.Jordan, Nikki Nair, Louise Chen, Ben Gomori and many more.

We are presenting the title track ‘Make It Real’.

‘Make It Real’ EP will be available after the 10th of October HERE.