PREMIERE: Samantha Togni – Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Samantha Togni presents a hard-hitting new EP ‘Confessions Of A Mask’ on Brvtalist Sound Recordings, the in-house label of Berlin-based, globally renowned platform, brand and DJ, The Brvtalist.

Consisting of three original tracks, ‘Paranoia Will Destroy Ya’, ‘Confessions Of A Mask’ and ‘Ready to be Unplugged’, the EP also includes a biting remix of the title track from the rising star Valerie Ace.

The tracks encompass precious elements characteristic of Samantha Togni’s work, including gritty basslines, raw vocal stabs, acid lines, and roaring kicks. Samantha describes the EP, stating, “While writing these tracks, I experienced a constant surge of ambivalent emotions within me – spooky yet uplifting, creepy yet joyful, shadowy yet ecstatic. ‘Confessions Of A Mask’ unveils a hidden meaning and a distorted perspective on a world driven by machines, urging us to redefine our perception of emotions.”

We are presenting the opening track ‘Paranoia Will Destroy Ya’.

‘Confessions Of A Mask’ EP will be available after the 20th of October HERE.