PREMIERE: Andréa 25000 – Crois En Toi (TGV Ligne MB Mix)

Letherique‘s Bella Ursa Recordings is presenting ‘Nebula Aranea #3’ VA featuring 16 tracks by DuR ChaToNm, C.Ysme & Alexandra, 7V SWORD OF TRUTH, Nuire, Leonard Lampion, The Marquis, Xarah Dion, Sylu, Hørd, Infesta, Letherique, Stalker Ego, Andréa 25000, Human Figures AKA Daniel Holtz, SARSA², Pattrn and Cellarkalt.

“As we prepare to launch the fourth season of Bella Ursa, our interstellar odyssey takes us back into the infinite intricacies of the Aranea Nebula.

Once again, we welcomed aboard the mothership new like-minded explorers from uncharted territories. Together, we’ve tried to unearth hidden paths through the ethereal darkness, rooted in the timeless traditions of EBM and wave music. Weaving a sonic tapestry that spans close to 90 minutes on our beloved analog cassette tape, ‘Nebula Aranea #3’ takes you on a journey into the unwavering cosmic fervor that has been driving us for the past three years.” – Bella Ursa

We are presenting Andréa 25000’s ‘Crois En Toi (TGV Ligne MB Mix)’.

‘Nebula Aranea #03’ VA will be available after the 18th of October HERE.