PREMIERE: Linkan Ray – Four Layers (Temudo Remix)

Linkan Ray AKA Flug lands on MindTrip with ‘Four Layers’ EP, a burst of commanding style and presence.

Sebastian Lopez is already a part of MindTrip family since June when he released ‘Blurry Thoughts’ EP under his Flug moniker. Now, as Linkan Ray, he delivers ‘Four Layers’ EP, a direct raw sound, combined with a complex and detailed sound design, and with the darkest dance floor as a target.

‘Four Layers’ EP consists of two original tracks, ‘Four Layers’ and ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, and Temudo’s remix of the title track.

We are presenting a remix of the ‘Four Layers’ from Temudo, a Portuguese DJ, producer and Hayes crew member. This pure groove and impact is Temudo’s debut to the label.

‘Four Layers’ EP will be available after the 27th of October HERE.