PREMIERE: The Josh Craig – Quantum Infiltration

American The Josh Craig serves up an enthralling new release ‘MDM 2099’ on Sheik ‘N’ Beik Records that shows off his diverse and sophisticated techno sound across seven new cuts.

The Josh Craig describes himself as a musical scientist who taps into experimental, soulful and deeply progressive styles when in the studio. He is also a designer, publisher, illustrative artist, filmmaker and photographer who draws on all those disciplines and recognises the dance floor as a place for learning. Using an array of analogue tools and mixing up ambient, electro and techno he impressed with his debut album ‘Who We Are As People’ and now makes another fine statement here.

‘Quantum Infiltration’ opens with seven arresting minutes of fizzing techno. It is lit up with iridescent synths, powered by thumping drums and is run through with menacing vocals and acid flashes that will electrify the club. ‘Ultra Rogue Mission’ is a deeper cut with jostling broken beats making for a physical groove while an eerie atmosphere up top places you in the centre of a derelict industrial estate. ‘Millenniaapi’ is another absorbing and stripped-back deep techno sound with meandering drums and bass locking you in as swirling pads up top keep you on edge.

The epic ‘2099’ is an almost 10-minute cinematic trip – the soundtrack to a late-night train journey through darkened landscapes in the sky and ‘Me Liga’ is a dense mix of haunting distant pads and prickly synth textures that pan about the mix as the drums roll on. It’s a cavernous track with ghostly details before two digital bonus tracks. ‘Alstrom Landing’ is a brilliantly moody ambient piece full of tension and suspense and ‘Movement Revolution’ is a deep techno roller with hulking great kicks and mystic synth details echoing out into a dark night sky next to unsettling vocal whispers.

‘MDM 2099’ is another deeply thought-provoking release from The Josh Craig.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Quantum Infiltration’.

‘MDM 2099’ will be available after the 27th of October HERE.