PREMIERE: R 417 – Green Unicorn

The second fixture in Kuiper Noise’s ‘This Is Nothing’ series carries a compact nugget of techno bliss, courtesy of three must-watch producers, R 417, Yoikol and Empath, as diverse in their sound treatment as they are skilled in the way they weaponize groove in the service of hearing ecstasy — all of this in keeping with the label’s hallmark as a vehicle for inventive and no-nonsense bangers.

Right off the bat, the EP speeds away with Uzbekistan’s R 417’s take on infectiousness with ‘Green Unicorn’, a track so flowing and dynamic in its progression it would perhaps take a rock not to immediately erupt into front line dancing kinetics upon contacting with its overflowing bounce and harmony-laden greatness — or the definitive proof that higher powers speak through sound.

Spanish producer Yoikol then ups the craziness with a powerful yet slick belter — ‘Brightness’ — built for deep night incursions, gliding and jumping between percussive propositions, while playfully grabbing one’s ears with lush vocal loops and heavily synthesized slappers that keep the track fresh and engaging from start to finish.

An old friend of the label, finnish master-builder Empath brings it upon himself to deliver the last rites to the record in such style, skill and awe, one must wonder if ‘Broken Spectre’ — his own contribution to the series — was ever meant to see the light of day rather than remain exclusive to the sound heaven whence it poured from — such is its structural richness, pounding alertness and suave soundscapes.

We are presenting the opening track, R 417’s ‘Green Unicorn’.

‘This Is Nothing Vol. II’ VA will be available after the 7th of November HERE.