Klubikon Podcast 170 – Tjaro

Based in East London, a young British DJ and producer Tjaro creates chunky, bass-heavy music for dancefloors laced with infectious hooks and riffs. He has honed his skills through working with some of the great names in contemporary club music like Tom Findlay from Groove Armada, and Andy Williams from Yam Who and Midnight Riot.

We sat down with Tjaro to talk about his new single ‘What We’re Feeling’ and future plans in an interview which you can read HERE. In addition, he recorded an exclusive mix for us, for the 170th Klubikon Podcast.

“The mix bounces across different ideas primarily in the realm of two-step garage. When I approach mixes, I always intend to vary the mood of it as much as I possibly can, ultimately to not have the same ideas playing throughout the whole mix. My favourite mixes I have heard over the years have always been able to take you on a journey, and I guess that’s always something I always strive for within my DJing.” – Tjaro

01. Stones Taro – Word Rush
02. Bakey – Last One
03. Tjaro – Untitled
04. SP:MC – Big Request
05. Overmono – Daisy Chain
06. Bailey Ibbs – Show Me What You Do
07. Interplanetary Criminal & Main Phase – MC Tip
08. Hugo Massien – Quantum Mechanics
09. Dismantle – Ghost
10. Prizefight – Credit
11. OCB – Aquaquest Pt.2 (The Anticlimax)

Tjaro [SC | IG]