PREMIERE: Alpha Solo – Rebelz

Humanoid Gods presents ‘Alien-Approved Terrestrial Soundwaves’ VA featuring six tracks from Talpanera, Moken, Exilles, Alpha Solo, E.L.I.A.S and Humanoid Gods.

“These waves emerge as the ancient embodiment of our interstellar interconnectedness. It is a sonic odyssey that ventures beyond the limits of the Solar System, blending sounds and frequencies to venerate the controversial and raw amalgamation between Homo Sapiens and our civilization hailing part of our galaxy far away from your sun. This album stands as an unsettling testament to the convergence of two unsettling worlds. ‘Alien-Approved Terrestrial Soundwaves’ is a collection of intriguing creations birthed by your primitive species, to which we have added our own sonic imprint. This album exalts the boundless creativity of the human species, a creation of our ancient machinations and our otherworldly endorsement, providing a disconcerting glimpse into your connection with the eternal cosmic abyss.” – Humanoid Gods

We are presenting Alpha Solo’s ‘Rebelz’.

‘Alien-Approved Terrestrial Soundwaves Vol.2’ VA will be available after the 1st of December HERE.