Klubikon Podcast 171 – Livio Improta

The 171st Klubikon Podcast is mixed by the Italian DJ and producer Livio Improta.

Neapolitan Livio Improta builds his musical and artistic personality in a frantic journey across the Mediterranean. He has landed on Bosconi Records and Rawax, had his tunes included on Fabric 71 mixed by Cassy, and explored ethnomusicology and experimentation under the name Baldovino. From Neapolitan wave to world music, Italo-disco to house, disco and funk, his sound is rich, unpredictable and varied, as he proves on his new LP, ‘Fondamentalismi’.

‘Fondamentalismi’ LP is a 10-track exploration of broken, slow-motion rhythms coated in vinyl crackle and layers of atmospheric dust. The LP is out December 8 on the Tiella Sound label in 12″ and digital formats, available HERE.

“In this mix for Klubikon, fast and raw rhythms and hypnotic melodies are mixed with ethereal and dreamy atmospheres in a combination that accompanies me as much in the studio as in my record collection and that you will find throughout the listening of my new LP ‘Fondamentalismi’. A ride through many records by masters of the Italian scene who have accompanied me on this musical journey of mine in recent years and who have become friends.” – Livio Improta

01. Livio Improta – Alpha
02. Go Music – Pesce Spirale
03. Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight
04. Linkwood – Object
05. Leo Anibaldi – Universal
06. Nico Lahs – Moonlight
07. The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Land Of Dunes
08. One On One Crew – Bassin
09. Morenas – Somnambulism
10. MFO – Arctic Lodge
11. Livio Improta – Cuma
12. Cosmo & Francisco – Music (Marco Passarani Remix)
13. Danger Boys – Danger Zone
14. The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Wind Phenomena
15. Livio Improta – Omega

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