PREMIERE: Supa – Camel

After a first track ‘Too Fast’ and two remixes released in 2022, the French duo of producers Supa is presenting their first EP, ‘Colours’.

With almost 15 years of DJing together, Lille-based Skevitz and Ango AKA Supa know well how to animate a dancefloor. Focusing their efforts on production in the last years, they started to work on a live show in 2021 and quickly wanted to share this aspect of their musical path with a digital and physical release.

The result is a 6-track EP infused with their dancefloor influences, from UK garage to house, and spiced with Indian, African and Arabic flavours. ‘Colours’ is a reflection of their wide musical tastes and love for what they call “Global Groove”.

We are presenting the second track ‘Camel’.

‘Colours’ EP will be available via Besides Records after the 1st of December HERE.