PREMIERE: Alex Dolby – Cosmo

Alex Dolby announces new ‘RAI Series’ on his Sequenzial Shift imprint.

Having launched the respected Affekt Recordings in 2012, boasting music from the likes of Jonas Kopp, Pär Grindvik and Alex Bau, Alex Dolby continues to innovate at the forefront of techno with his new ‘RAI Series’. The run of EPs will be released via his Sequenzial Shift label, which focuses on deeper and more experimental techno cuts, centred around entrancing atmospherics, inventive sound design and dystopian aesthetics. Having already garnered support from heavyweights such as Laurent Garnier, Chris Liebing, Charlotte de Witte, Marcel Dettmann and Ben Sims, Alex Dolby is still exploring different musical avenues and finding innovative, new sounds.

‘RAI Series 1.1’ opens with ‘Cosmo’, a hypnotic, evolving track with rough, digital textures that cut across the soundscape before echoing away. ‘Jungle Experience’ is more sparse, centring around a tense, swaying percussion loop and cold bleeps. Things switch up for ‘Space Love’, which features a mesmerising synth chord oscillating back and forth before ‘Togheter’ closes things out, combining all the elements of the previous tracks into a weighty techno roller, complete with textural sound design and modulating synth chords.

‘RAI Series 1.1’ EP is a deep and expansive techno outing from Alex Dolby, and a fantastic addition to the Sequenzial Shift imprint.

We are presenting the opening track ‘Cosmo’.

‘RAI Series 1.1’ EP will be available after the 1st of December HERE.