PREMIERE: Baume – Unreleased Memory

Unveiling a fresh sonic narrative, Baume lands on Records or not Records with ‘It’s a Thing’ EP, his first solo endeavor in three years.

‘It’s a Thing’ EP, infused with 80’s and 90’s vibrancy, showcases a new musicality resonating with emotion, especially notable in tracks like ‘Nobody Feel Like’ featuring Emrc., and the reflective ‘Unreleased Memory’.

Emerging from a challenging month, Baume crafts an emotional, nostalgic soundscape, melding past inspirations with contemporary style. The EP, in Baume’s words, is an “emotional and personal release”. It shows a “new face of Baume’s production, from 80’s and 90’s inspiration”, marking a poignant chapter in his sonic journey. With a palpable energy reminiscent of retro dance floors, ‘It’s a Thing’ EP invites listeners to a vibrant sojourn through Baume’s evolving sonic realm.

We are presenting ‘Unreleased Memory’.

‘It’s a Thing’ EP will be available after the 15th of December HERE.