PREMIERE: Rudee Nik – Love Buzz

Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion welcomes Toronto-based Rudee Nik for his label debut, delivering his four-track ‘Gucci Ties’ EP.

Fuelled by an early passion for house and electronic music, Rudee Nik emerged from the depths of late-night pirate radio shows and the burgeoning Toronto rave scene to become the creative behind a myriad of events since the early 2000s. Taking the reigns of the thriving Vertigo nightclub, a magnetic haven that plays host to renowned names like Jamie Jones and Green Velvet alongside his own residency, Nik now opens 2024 with his label debut on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion, delivering four slick productions across his ‘Gucci Ties’ EP.

“When working on the Gucci Ties EP in the studio, I kept my 6 year residency at Vertigo in mind with the dance-floor being the major influence — tailoring music for a mosaic of spectators, with sounds that are especially tweaked to cater to various energies and moods for the start of the show, peak, and closing hours. I produced ‘Love Buzz’ for playing during the first hours of the show, moving forward with ‘Gucci Ties’ and ‘Unwaxed’ for the peak, winding down with ‘Hold On’ — during an 8 hour time span..” – Rudee Nik.

‘Gucci Ties’ unfolds as a late-night roller, injecting menacing stabs over a deep rumbling bass that delves into darker territories. ‘Hold On’ veers towards more hypnotic grounds with tunnelling builds, entrancing melodies and distorted vocals, while ‘Love Buzz’ captivates the listener with its hazy atmosphere, balancing rich chords and energetic builds for deeper moments. Finally, ‘Unwaxed’ adds reverberating echoes, shimmering percussion and lively patterns for an all-night groove affair.

We are presenting the third track ‘Love Buzz’.

‘Gucci Ties’ EP will be available after the 26th of January HERE.