PREMIERE: Opäk – Warm Us

DÔME, a French label curated by Astropolis and incubator for young talents from Northwest France, is presenting a new VA release to celebrate the next Astropolis Winter Edition.

Consisting of four bangers, mental techno of Opäk on ‘Warm Us’, uplifting groove and soulful sonics of Daïf and Saint Misère on ‘Light’ and ‘Closer’, and a festive neo trance ragga crossover of Valise on ‘Ragga Moustache’, ‘DÔME VA.08’ reflect the new face of the French electronic music scene.

We are presenting ‘Warm Us’. Opäk plunges us into the darkness of the night, moving towards a new, more hypnotic and cerebral universe, with a hybrid of industrial and cinematic sounds. ‘Warm Us’ is a modern techno track that is both minimalist and complex, shivering, metallic and immersive.

‘DÔME VA.08’ VA will be available after the 31st of January HERE.