PREMIERE: Gresil – Noche Negra

Pfirter’s MindTrip is presenting ‘Antiguo Olvidado’ EP from the Argentinian DJ, producer and live performer Gersil.

MindTrip label consistently advances its focus by introducing new techno artists from around the globe.

Gresil, a young talent based in Buenos Aires, is at the forefront, known for his hypnotic, intense, and unwavering sound, as showcased in his debut on the recent MindTrip’s ‘Mutable Minds’ VA compilation.

Now, with ‘Antiguo Olvidado’, Gersil presents his inaugural EP on MindTrip, skillfully navigating between the straightforward and the abstract. The tracks, ‘Antiguo Olvidado’, ‘Orbitas Subterraneas’, ‘Noce Negra’ and ‘Inmersion en lo Desconocido’, mirror futuristic layers and a forward-looking perspective, capturing the essence of MindTrip’s commitment to pushing boundaries in techno.

We are presenting the third track ‘Noche Negra’.

‘Antiguo Olvidado’ EP will be available after the 9th of February HERE.