PREMIERE: PolyGlove – Magnum

Following on from their previous release ‘Good Face’, PolyGlove find themselves keeping the dial set to 120 and exploring more dance-oriented compositions on their new EP ‘Lipsync’.

PolyGlove are a Dublin based electronic duo comprising of Stephen Maguire and Niall Conroy. Starting out in 2014 the band first cut their teeth to the late night Dublin gig scene. Since then, they have been at the forefront of the rising live techno scene in Dublin, organising underground gigs and bringing their array of hardware synthesizers wherever they go, promoting live electronic music.

With backgrounds in Fine Art and Film they combine their sonic and cinematic crafts into a singular artistic production. Combining the best of their analog and digital equipment they cultivate their own distinct form of techno – with performances marrying their array of hardware synths with custom made psychedelic visuals.

Their new EP ‘Lipsync’ continues the group’s penchant for complex polyphony, layering of rich poly synths and bullish unwavering basslines, but hones in on a kind of funk steeped sensibility bringing the listener back to a more familiar budding discotheque.

Lead track ‘Calf’ is disco-inspired and features an evocative lead line that could be heard in the likes of a Todd Terje release. This post disco eulogy is echoed in ‘Nancy’ which features a similarly evolving lead line that’s underpinned with lush pads courtesy of their Korg Poly 61 – a synth that features heavily across the entire release.

The EP ends with a not-so-secret track offering a relaxing and contemplative comedown, as a vaporwave-inspired remix of the previous track ‘Darius’ lulls the listener away into a vast sonic Dreamland.

We are presenting ‘Magnum’.

‘Lipsync’ EP will be available after the 23rd of February HERE.