PREMIERE: Mangabey – Traveling Brain

Mangabey recaptures the daring youth, bold experimentation and open-mindedness of the ’90s with the first release on his new label José Records.

Passionate about electronic music and synthesisers, French artist Mangabey has made a name for himself locally and internationally thanks to a unique approach that blends electronica with world and jazz influences. Driven by the distinct spirit of a club and inspired by the underground electronic music of the ’90s, he launches this label to share his musical explorations, which are dreamy and nostalgic but also highly danceable.

The lead single, ‘Rave 2 Tam, ‘ tells the story of a woman who carries a feminist message. Her seductive vocal blends with heavy kicks and graceful bass as lush synths and jacked-up drums pump the party. Some old-school video-game-style melodies with acid complete this perfect fusion of the past and present. The fresh ‘Traveling Brain’ draws on clubs, trance, and techno and takes listeners on the ultimate mental journey, mixing different eras of underground sound into an immersive and irresistible danceable experience.

The innovative ‘Diablo’ is inspired by strobe lights clubs and bathed in ravey sounds. It evokes a dark universe, flirting with minimalism and trance, and is characterised by a moody bassline that never lets up and hints at the devil’s work. Last but not least comes the superb ‘P8 Maelstrom’ made on a Prophet 8 synthesiser. It mixes epic bass, energetic breakbeats and more emotional violins and choirs to create an all-new and artful form of dance floor fun.

These four fantastic tracks get the new José Records off to a flying start.

We are presenting the second track ‘Traveling Brain’.

‘Capitale Sympathique’ EP will be available after the 1st of March HERE.