PREMIERE: Franck Vigroux – Jolin

Franck Vigroux returns to Aesthetical with a new album, ‘Grand Bal’.

Following his highly acclaimed 2021 album ‘Atotal’ on Aesthetical and 2022 ‘Magnetoscope’ on Raster, Franck Vigroux returns on Aesthetical with ‘Grand Bal’ which features eight new heavyweight tracks, ‘Loïc’, ‘Le Bal’, ‘Jolin’, ‘L.A. Live’, ‘Lightnin‘’, ‘68’, ‘Vice’ and ‘Outsider’, all composed in 2023 and 2024.

“I am not very talkative about my music unless I am specifically questioned, the immaterial dimension of music partly spares us from the major questions which are the prerogative of theatrical forms for which I am also very active, in this sense for me music is a real outlet where things are done intuitively, for pleasure”, Vigroux states about his current work.

Always pushing forth and expanding his now classic rigidly cold analog sounds and rhythmic structures entwined with lush atmospheric synth compositions, ‘Grand Bal’ is another milestone in his ever growing discography.

We are presenting the third track ‘Jolin’.

‘Grand Bal’ album will be available after the 29th of March HERE.