PREMIERE: Judy – Kristalezko Atea

Peer proudly presents ‘Kide’ EP by Spanish DJ and producer Judy.

Judy’s thought-provoking style has found releases on Fernanda Martins’ Devotion, Joton’s Newrhythmic, BCCO, and Pushmann’s N&N Records.

Peer is the underground techno label from San Francisco, USA that has featured contributions from Drumcell, Uun and Insolate.

Also contributing a remix, Peer co-founder Max Gardner has over a decade of releases under his belt and has appeared on Mike Derer’s Northern Parallels and Oktave as well as remixing Drumcell and Truncate.

‘Kide’ EP consists of three original tracks, ‘Ezegonkorra’, ‘Begi Bedeinkatua’ and ‘Kristalezko Atea’, and a Max Gardner’s remix of ‘Ezegonkorra’. Expect to hear raw, hypnotic jams with abstract, modular textures, sci-fi tones and analogue elements.

We are presenting the third track ‘Kristalezko Atea’.

‘Kide’ EP will be available after the 29th of March HERE.